Online shopping - then and now

May 05, 2016

Online shopping - then and now

Once upon a time eCommerce was new and full of promise. Since opening in 2004 that promise has been realised. Capitalism doesn’t muck around.

12 years later online shopping has mutated into a global beast, that looks nothing like the bastard child of the early 2000s.

Then 2004 - first opened:

  • Nokia was the mobile phone of choice
  • Filofaxes were under threat from the PalmPilot
  • Desktop screen resolution was 640 x 480 pixels
  • Flat monitors didn’t exist
  • iPod mini was all the rage
  • Amazon and eBay were barely 9 years old
  • Google maps, Google analytics, Gmail and Google AdWords (as we know it) didn’t exist
  • Facebook, Twitter and Instagram didn't exist (blogging was the nascent social media)
  • YouTube hadn’t been invented
  • People still surfed the web!
  • Paypal was only available on eBay
  • Setting up an online shop was bespoke, expensive and time consuming
  • Credit card payments needed a merchant account from a bank that required an approved ‘business plan’!
  • GPS devices were something you hired from a camping store
  • Australia post had no idea

Now 2016 - reopened:

  • Social media is the dominant web browsing paradigm
  • Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook have consumed the known world
  • There are more mobile phones on earth than people
  • There are hundreds of cloud based ecommerce platforms
  • There are billions of online shops
  • There are many easy to setup payment gateways (no bank needed!)
  • Being an instant capitalist has never been easier

What next?

In 2004 the internet was a light shower, in 2016 it's a blizzard within a cacophony. Who knows what the future holds.

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