About Us

Hello. Krappy makes products without purpose.

They could be gifts for loved ones or they could be deemed a threat to humanity. You decide.

All products are hand-made using a variety of methods including - 3D printing, laser cutting, soldering, electronics, circuit making & hacking, cutting and pasting, glueing, hot-glue gunning, photography, painting, sweat etc.

You don't need any of these products. You have enough.

Krappy is run by Oscar Ferreiro. He opened krappy.com in 2004 (see it here), sold it in 2006, got it back and reopened in 2016. In a past life he made art.

Krappy is located in Madrid, Spain. You can find us at Calle Artajona 27 (local #14), 28039 Madrid.

Shop hours:

  • Tuesday to Thursday: 16:30h-18:30h
  • Friday: 11:00h-14:00h, 16:30h-18:30h
  • Saturday: 11:00h-14:00h

The nearest metro stop is 5 minutes away: Valdezarza (Line 7).

There are also two 1-minute-away bus stops: lines 126, 127, 132 and 64.

Please drop in!